Our blog reflects the exploration and discovery maps offer us all. Whether we are planning a trip or already out and about, maps are our insight into the world around us, enabling us to know where we are and decide where we want to go.

As a company we offer unique and personalised maps & gifts capturing special moments by way of a snap shot of where they happened. We strive to bring our customers clear and accurate mapping in useful and beautiful ways.

We are a UK company based in South-West London with production of our maps happening in Hatherleigh in Devon.  Map Marketing Limited started trading in 1978, launching its first range of encapsulated business wall maps by mail order. We now publish our own highly successful range of British Isles business planning maps, World and Europe Political Maps, and we are the leading supplier of UK postcode maps.

We also have a range of map gifts published under the Butler & Hill brand which takes its name from our two founding partners. We use our 30 years of experience in cartography and our passion for maps to create beautiful, location centered map gifts.

Digital mapping technology and close partnerships with global mapping agency’s underpins our company and has enabled us to offer bespoke maps – maps made to order – which also drives our new product development. We sell our gift products in the UK, throughout North America and in Europe – each year we ship in excess of 100,000 individual gift products to our customers.